Kimberlite Diamond debuts at the 2nd Consumer Products Expo with "Art of Nature" series of high jewelry!


From July 26th to 30th, the 2nd China International Consumer Products Expo (hereinafter referred to as "CICPE") was held at the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center. Kimberlite Diamond took part in the exhibition with a jewelry collection worth nearly 300 million, including "Before Time", worth 188 million yuan, and the new high jewelry series "Art of Nature".


Featured Showroom Jewelry Collection

        At this exhibition, Kimberlite Diamond created a brand new jewelry fashion exhibition hall, inviting everyone to experience the artistic ingenuity of jewelry masters up close.



▲Kimberlite Diamond's brand new exhibition hall

Walking into the exhibition area, Kimberlite Diamond’ collection-level jewelry attracted much attention. "Before Time” was was the first piece to greet visitors, presented an enchanting face for the brand. This piece, worth 188 million, was reported widely in many authoritative publications such as the People's Daily.


▲50 carat rare diamond "Before Time”

The unveiling of Kimberlite Diamond’ major jewelry pieces attracted the attention of jewelry lovers, while CCTV, Hainan TV, Guangming Daily, Xinhua News ,Agency and other major media also reported live at the scene. The leaders of the Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce and Mr. Bi Lijun, vice president and secretary general of the China Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Industry Association, put in an appearance at the exhibition hall as well.


▲ Leaders from the Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce and the Secretary-General of the China Jewelry Association came to offer guidance

There is unique story behind every piece of high jewelry by Kimberlite Diamond that conveys the ingenuity of designers and the dedication of craftsmen.


▲25-carat high jewelry collection "The Moon Goddess" 


▲10 carat high jewelry collection "Dew On Magnolia"


▲ "Beach & Coconut Mood" from the "Beauty of Seasonality" series


▲ "Gold Pangolins”from the "Guardian" series 

        In addition to beautiful and artistic high jewelry series, light luxury and fashionable commercial items were also on display at the exhibition hall. On-site guests could try them on and experience pieces series such as the Classic Carat Diamond and the Knot up close, as a means to satisfy consumers’ daily wearing needs.



Kimberlite Diamond's Double Seventh-themed event "Oath of Love on the Double Seventh, Become Someone’s Destiny" was also held during the Consumer Expo, where visitors could experience cutting-edge online interaction, as well as a different Double Seventh romance!


New product launch conference: the world premiere of the "Art of Nature" series

        On the afternoon of the 28th, a number of global premieres were held in the new product release area of the 2nd China International Consumer Products Fair. Kimberlite Diamond made its grand debut of the "Art of Nature" series of high jewelry. The press conference was broadcast live by People's Daily digital media, attracting over a millions viewers.


The "Art of Nature" series explores the wonder and mystery of nature, integrating extraordinary design aesthetics, innovative ideas, and complex and time-consuming high jewelry craftsmanship in pursuit of the perfect combination of technology and art.


▲"Eye of the Sahara" and "Guardian Angel" from the "Art of Nature" series

"Eye of the Sahara", inspired by the Eye of the Sahara, presents the infinite magic and mystery of the desert. "Guardian Angel" is inspired by the feathers of the oriental white stork, and transforms the infinite elegance of the wings into the gentlest guardian.


▲ "Butterfly Dream" and "Whale Fall" from the "Art of Nature" series

"Butterfly Dream" is inspired by the gorgeous transformation of butterflies. The cutout design is used to outline the delicate silhouette of butterfly wings. "Whale Fall" won the Merit Award in the 2021 JMA International Jewelry Design Competition. It is inspired by the fantastic moment of the whale falling into the water after a leap. It skillfully integrates black cold enamel and diamonds into the whale design, presenting the fantasy of "when one whale falls, all things become possible".


Promoting a high quality life, treating diamonds as art

Mr. Wei Qinglin, Vice President of Kimberlite Diamond Group, said in an interview that Kimberlite Diamond has focused on the diamond field for 27 years, and is committed to delivering beautiful diamonds and a high-quality lifestyle to consumers, so that everyone can experience the charm of diamonds and the extraordinary ingenuity of jewelry aesthetics . In the next year, Kimberlite Diamond will comprehensively upgrade and optimize its brand image, products, and channels, so that consumers can enjoy a better service experience.


▲Mr. Wei Qinglin, Vice President of Kimberlite Diamond Group (right)

        Ms. Huang Wei, R&D Director of the Kimberlite Diamond Group, made the statement at the press conference. She said that Kimberlite Diamond’ Design and Development Center has brought together many top designers in the industry. Over the years, while the designers have continued to innovate, they have also paid special attention to revitalizing traditional culture and traditional craftsmanship. This year, Kimberlite Diamond’ "Dunhuang Adventure" series of commercial jewelry uses high-temperature enamel technology.


▲Ms. Huang Wei, R&D Director of Kimberlite Diamond Group


▲ "Dunhuang Adventure" series

After being invited to participate in this exhibition, Kimberlite Diamond will further expand into domestic and foreign markets, and more rapidly and widely make global jewelry buyers aware of our presence. At the same time, we will deepen our comprehensive and multi-level cooperation with exhibitors at home and abroad to further tap potential growth and lead in a diversified new jewelry market.

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